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We use Digistore24 as our affiliate platform. You will need an account with them to get started. If you don’t have an account yet, click here to get started.

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All affiliates will have the opportunity to promote this one of a kind VSL that has a different angle compared to the crowded weight loss market. The hook is a story about how a grandma was able to lose weight simply by changing her sleep habits.

This proprietary blend helps people to lose weight while sleeping. It helps to activate the body's ability to burn fat.


Facebook Traffic

For any affiliate who wants to promote on facebook, we suggest using a quiz or pre-sell.

Do NOT link directly to our website.

Here’s some basic recommendations to get you started.

Step #1:

Create a Clickfunnel Account

The fastest and easiest way to make pages will be using Clickfunnels. Click here to get a Clickfunnels account.

Always make sure to use “Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Contact Page in the footer.


Email Swipe Files

Make sure to use our proven and tested email creatives below for maximum commission. We suggest you send the emails in the order and sequence we have below.

Note: We only allow for opted in subscribers. Any spam emails from affiliates will result in an automatic ban from all promotions.



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Recommended Tools

There’s 3 specific tools we suggest you use to be successful.

#1: Facebook Training

Robby Blanchard is a good friend and knows how to make money on Facebook. His course, Commission’s Hero has helped several succeed. Click here to Learn More.

#2: Building Web Pages

Clickfunnels is the most user friendly tool online. You don’t have to have any technical knowledge to get started. We suggest you use them. Click here to Learn More.

#3: Facebook Spy Tool

You can now view what ads are working on Facebook with this tool.Click here to Learn More.

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